📱 EasyWriter

EasyWriter was designed to help former Blackberry users feel at home on their brand-new iPhone. EasyWriter offered productivity features that were not available in early versions of iOS such as a horizontal keyboard, spellcheck, AutoText, and email favorites.

“ EasyWriter Pro is a beautiful app that is incredibly well-designed.” — Bloomberg Businessweek, August 2010

EasyWriter got millions of downloads on the App Store and reached #3 in Apple’s global list of most popular apps.

📍 MapChoice

MapChoice gave you a choice between Google Maps and Apple Maps. You could also view Street View and search using FourSquare.

  • Search restaurants, parking, hotels, and other venues using FourSquare
  • Explore Street View where available
  • View the menus of selected restaurants
  • Launch directions using a choice of providers
  • View nearby venues, in order of proximity
  • Compare Google maps and the new iOS maps

📆 iDaily

iDaily made your casual conversations more interesting and engaging. Every 24 hours iDaily showed you fresh new and relevant facts about the current day:

  • Famous people who are having their birthday today.
  • Important events on this day in history.
  • Nature facts, including the time the sun rises/sets and the current phase of the moon.
  • The quote of the day

💬 PunkSMS

Pretend you’re texting celebrities… and they are texting back! PunkSMS would let you enter any name to pretend-text with and looks just like Apple’s built in SMS Application. A simple conversation engine writes responses back.

The real fun was in the magic words: You could create magic words that would trigger a response that you wrote. This let you set up funny, insulting, outrageous conversations to trick and surprise you friends.