When people move to a retire community 80% of their life is different. Many of their habits are no longer possible and social outings are out of reach.

Wellness directors end up paying the most attention to the squeeky wheels. Tragically, it’s those who remain silent, isolated in their room, who need the most attention. This product helped wellness directors see the forest and tend to each tree, helping people rebuild a balanced life in a new community. It was acquired by Sodexo and integrated in their offering for retirement communities.

📊 Depend on Your Dashboard

Color-coded flags remind you of notable events like birthdays, overdue forms, and new arrivals in your community.

Get things done: Your dashboard shows you everything that requires your attention today. Now it’s easy to remember everything and stay on top of things.

Always accurate: Everything is updated in real-time. Your dashboard always shows you up-to-the-minute accurate information.

See the forest and the trees: The squeaky wheels don’t always need the most attention. The app alerts you when people stop attending classes or have declined in physical function.

🌺 Track All Dimensions of Wellness

HealthAbility helps you track whole-person wellness in all its dimensions.

Life Balance: HealthAbility automatically keeps track of activities and lets you know how balanced the life of your participants is.

Community Balance: HealthAbility shows you the level of offering and participation for each dimension in your community.

Add your own dimensions: The standard six dimensions of wellness can be replaced with your own set of dimensions.

👟 Fitness and Beyond

It’s easy to track everything that matters for your wellness: fitness, happiness, quality of life, level of engagement, and health.

Quality of life: Validated or custom designed survey tools can help track the quality of life of your residents.

Physical function: Industry standard assessments for older adults are built into the system.

Participation: Participation in all wellness activities can be efficiently tracked according to specific wellness dimensions.

Falls: Use your existing system or our suggested structure for identifying residents at risk for falling and monitoring changes in fall risk can be built into your system.

Industry measurement tools: Non-proprietary assessment surveys such as the Geriatric Depression Scale, Satisfaction with Life, and others can be easily built into the system as an associated outcome measurement tool.

🚀 The Sky is the Limit

In addition to a rich library of built-in tools, HealthAbility gives you the power to build your own reports and assessments. Does your community have a custom intake form? A quality of life survey? Do you like to review the outcomes each quarter using a specific report format?

No Programming Required: Add your own classes and activities and specify which dimensions of wellness they involve.

Unlimited Power: Custom assessments can include any number of questions. You can view comparison or summary reports of all custom data.

Customizing is easy: It’s easy to extend HealthAbility with your own content. All reporting power is available to your own customized content. Reports can include information from different assessments, including built-in and custom forms.