A few days ago, ACT | The App Association released a new edition of the App Economy Report.

  • Today, the app economy is part of a thriving ecosystem worth more than $143 billion.
  • From May 2014 through May 2016, the app economy added 110,000 new developer jobs to the U.S. workforce.
  • The vast majority of successful U.S. app companies are located outside Silicon Valley, many of which are in rural areas. 83 Percent of Top App Companies Located Outside Silicon Valley.
  • 500,000 developer jobs remain unfilled.

Also interesting is the evolution of Domino’s, from its very first pizza delivery in 1960, to online ordering in 2007, its first app in 2013, to today’s “Hey Alexa, get me some pizza”. What’s next?

For details, read the pdf.