In the early nineties I wrote the original MSComm control that Microsoft shipped as part of Visual Basic. I went on to develop Crescent PDQComm and Sax Comm Objects. CommStudio became the final evoluton of this technology.

🏎 Up to four times faster than regular .NET

CommStudio was very fast: smart design and highly-optimized code make CommStudio up to four times faster than regular .NET SerialPort and SerialStream classes.

🏁 Why performance matters

Performance affects more than just the speed of your application. It impacts the overall system load, power usage, and battery life.

Higher performance also results in increased scalability. Many CommStudio developers have deployed application that service hundreds of serial ports on a single system.

The entire CommStudio assembly was less than 250K of highly optimized managed C# code, including all serial port and file transfer classes.

☎️ Plug and Play Modem Dialing

Let the Windows Telephony API (TAPI) do all the hard work for you. With CommStudio, you never have to worry about modem setup again.

In addition to modem device independence, your users will also enjoy automatic handling of dialing rules based on the user’s location and area code.

πŸŽ’ Make your application easier to use

Reduce technical support and increase end user satisfaction by using the settings defined in the the Windows Control Panel.

βš™οΈ Modem Information At Your Fingertips

CommStudio provides simple access to the Windows Telephony API (TAPI) though an elegant object model.

πŸ“ž Extensive Device Support

The CommStudio object model contains classes to enumerate the available serial ports on your system.

By choosing a communications component with broad third-party hardware and software support you will save your organization tons of technical support time.

If you’re going to handle multiple ports at once, it’s a good idea to use intelligent serial port adapters.

Every version of CommStudio is extensively tested with intelligent multi-port devices such as Digiboards and Edgeport USB to Serial adapters.

πŸ—‚ Robust File Transfers

CommStudio includes robust, time-tested implementations of file transfer protocols. Each implementation has been proven to interoperate flawlessly with a very wide variety of systems, ranging from mobile devices to mainframe computers.

ZModem: reliability and performance

CommStudio offers an advanced implementation of ZModem, including advanced error recovery, automatic streaming, and block size adjustment to get fast transfers under difficult circumstances.

YModem combines simplicity with an essential feature set. When speed is important, ZModem is a better choice. For legacy systems, CommStudio also provides time-tested implementations of XModem-Checksum, XModem-CRC, YModem-Batch, and YModem-G.

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