🔂 User Interaction Controls

Crescent QuickPak was a comprehensive collection of controls and components for Visual Basic. It included several VB6 controls that enhance the looks and functionality of your application:

  • Calendar
  • Caption
  • Enhanced frame and checkbox
  • Extended command button
  • Enhanced combo box
  • Form enhancement
  • Hypertext
  • Frame and option button
  • Data-specific input/edit controls
  • Enhanced list boxes
  • Additional display controls
  • 3-D routines — for adding an attractive,
  • sculpted look to applications.

🖥 Access System Power

Now you can access the power of the Windows API easily using Crescent QuickPak:

  • Hotkeys for keyboard events.
  • File operations: searching and encryption, copying on wild card specifications, file access routines, error-handling, attribute retrieval.
  • Date and time routines.
  • Keyboard routines.
  • String manipulation routines.
  • Hardware services — processor, coprocessor, drives, memory and other resource attributes.

🧮 Math and Statistics

Crescent QuickPak includes fast date and time arithmetic, in addition to financial and statistical routines commonly used in spreadsheets.

If you have a legacy project and you need to obtain a developer license or support, please visit quickpak.com.