Goodbye to a good friend

Tadeusz GolonkaI just got news from Kraków, Poland that my friend Tadeusz Golonka has died. He was one of ACT’s most enthusiastic supporters, a pillar of the developer community, and an absolute joy to be around.

When we went to ICANN in Lithuania together, my bags didn’t arrive. It was late and I said I was going to the shopping mall to get something presentable. Tadeusz enthusiastically told me in his Polish flavor of English: “I go with you and help you!” We arrived at the mall and started shopping. Tadeusz didn’t speak Lithuanian but he and the older staff could understand each other in Russian.

He talked to a lady for a few minutes and suddenly I got the best service I’ve ever received in a store. We quickly found the perfect outfit and they even called up a seamstress late at night to come to the mall and adjust my suit.

I later found out that Tadeusz had told them that I was having a meeting with the prime minister the next day. That was essentially true, although I’m not sure he mentioned that there would be a few hundred other people at the opening reception.

His good nature, his enthusiasm, his presence, and his smile will always be an inspiration to me. I feel very thankful for the wonderful moments we have spent together. Thank you Tadeusz, for showing me how to live a good life.